Want to make  green space near you?

Hubbub are funding 50 new or enhanced green spaces to bring nature closer to people and people closer to nature.

Recent Hubbub polling found that spending time in nature makes three-quarters (78%) of people feel better. Despite this, a third of people in the UK (36%) spend less than an hour a week in nature. Their Hubbub Nature Hubs Fund is designed to help change this.

Have a great idea for bringing nature closer to your community?

Hubbub with Starbucks is offering 50 groups up to £6,000 of funding to develop green space initiatives and increase access to nature.

Groups will be partnered with a local Starbucks store, who will support projects in a number of ways.

Applications must meet the criteria and relate to any one or more of these four themes:

  1. Increasing access: To bring green space to an area where there is limited access to nature, e.g., by creating or enhancing a community garden, a green roof, increasing biodiversity in an urban area, or other similar ideas. And/or to encourage a particular demographic who might not otherwise or rarely access an existing green space to visit.
  2. Bringing People Together:
    To bring people together and create community connection in/around a shared green space. Activities like community growing, plant sharing, coffee and chats, or youth activities.
  3. Upskilling the Community:
    To teach community members new skills and encourage health and wellbeing through spending time in green space. Such as workshops and/or events taking place in green spaces, how-to guides on increasing nature connection, or training around nature-based activities.
  4. Building Climate Resilience
    To make an existing space more climate resilient and engage the local community on climate issues. Such as changes to buildings and urban spaces that increase resilience to heatwaves, drought, coastal flooding, or sea-level rise, while creating community connection in the green space.

Applications close on Thursday the 11th of January, 3pm.

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