13 July 2021 – Pitzhangar Manor : Fantastic Bees and Where to Find Them

Join Ealing Wildlife Founder Sean McCormack, resident Pitzhanger beekeeper Viv Cane-Honeysett and Ranger James Morton, to learn how honey is made, the ecological impact of bees and what they can teach us about maths, medicine and even architecture. With practical advice on providing habitats for bees in your garden.

This is in on-line event by Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery Trust. Tickets are £3.83 for members and £5.98 for non-members and are available here. Ticket revenues will be shared between Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery and Ealing Wildlife Group.

About Dr Sean McCormack: A passionate advocate for nature, conservation and sustainability, Sean is the founder of Ealing Wildlife Group. His popular films, blogs and articles on the EWG YouTube channel or ‘Sean’s Wild Life’ podcast have led to increasing TV and radio work, and a devoted following in Ealing and further afield.

About Viv Cane-Honeysett: Viv has been a vital cornerstone in the successful rebirth of Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery. Our Trustee and Chair of Pitzhanger Members Advisory Panel, she also looks after the Pitzhanger hives, makes our award-winning Pitzhanger honey, and works with a loyal and hard-working team of volunteers to create many of the honey products available in the Pitzhanger shop.

About James Morton: A zoologist by trade, James Morton started his career at the London Wildlife Trust and became one of the region’s foremost beekeeping specialists, having previously worked as a DEFRA bee inspector. He is now one of the six park rangers who look after Ealing’s open spaces, managing and improving our parks as wildlife habitat

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