Faith Groups Act on COP26

Faith for the Climate, an inter-faith network, which aims to encourage, inspire and equip faith communities in their work on climate change have a whole range of events taking place in the lead-up to, and during, COP26.

Largest-ever faith divestment announcement

Five days before COP26 begins in Glasgow, 72 faith institutions, including 37 from the UK, announced their divestment from fossil fuels.

Participating institutions include the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Scotland; the Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church; 15 Catholic dioceses in the UK and Ireland; and the Church of England Dioceses of Truro and Sodor & Man. The UK Churches and dioceses involved in this announcement represent nearly 2,000 local churches.

You can read more about the global divestment announcement here:

COP26 events and actions
Their Calendar contains the many inspiring events faith groups have organised during COP26 – in and outside of Glasgow and online. The Climate Fringe website also has lots of good info. In-person and online events include:

Post-COP26 opportunities 

Things to help Faith for the Climate with the post-Glasgow blues and beyond:

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