Active Travel Tips and Highway code changes

Did you know that more than a third of car trips made by Londoners could be walked in under 25 minutes? Another two thirds could be cycled in under 20 minutes. Switching out short trips in the car for walking, cycling or public transport would have a massive impact for the environment and help keep you fit and healthy.

Travel is responsible for about 40% of our emissions and as well as releasing a lot of carbon into the atmosphere it dramatically decreases the quality of the air we’re breathing. The biggest cause of London’s air pollution is road vehicles and air pollution around London boroughs exceeds the latest recommendations from the World Health Organization for particulate matter PM2.5. This is one of the air pollutants thought to have the greatest impact on human health.

Active travel offers a convenient, accessible and affordable way to move more and make a huge impact on our environment. Better Ealing Streets have a great set of guides on active travel with some great tips on walking, running, cycling and e-scooters. There is also useful video clips on highway updates in 2022.

Highway code has changed, introducing a hierarchy of road users to help those more vunerable.

Better Ealing Streets: Why Choose Active Travel

Tips and more information about:


🏃 Running

🚴 Cycling

🛴 e-scootering & e-biking

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