Earth Overshoot Day

Recently on 28 July we (as in all human beings) used up all the resources the planet can generate in a year – this is known as Earth Overshoot Day. With all the building, eating and buying we’ve been doing, we’ve officially used up all that Earth can annually renew in just 7 months. In a little over 50 years we’ve gone from only needing one planet Earth to meet our demands, to needing nearly 1.75 planet Earths to keep us satisfied. That is a huge change!

Cities are a solution

The good news is that there are loads of solutions to #MoveTheDate and cities have a huge role to play in making our way of life sustainable both for us and for future generations to come. Over half of the world’s population lives in cities, and this is likely to increase to over two thirds by 2030.* It’s an incredibly exciting time to be living in one of the best cities in the world! Londoners are really beginning to adapt to exciting new ways of living that take less from the planet including creating more green spaces, cycling and walking, choosing more veggie options and switching to renewable energy.

Ealing’s ambition

Did you know that Ealing has set loads of targets to make life in the borough more sustainable? Most departments at Ealing Council are creating policies to achieve net zero by 2030. You can read all about Ealing’s five priority areas: Energy, Food, Green space, Transport and Waste.

Turning ideas in action with ActForEaling

At ActForEaling we are big believers in taking action – check our our big plans for inspiring sustainable fashion with Ealing Sewn Up. Through our brilliant network of partners, we feel our community is really helping to #MoveTheDate. If you want to join the action, choose one of our 10 Steps and find a group to give you the support you need!

Contact us if you want to learn more!


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