Take care disposing of batteries

Did you know that crushed batteries cause hundreds of fires every year in recycling centres, as well as bin and recycling lorries?

Scary stuff! Especially when you consider there are batteries hidden in lots of common household electrical such as kids toys, alarm clocks, vapes and electric toothbrushes. All have hidden batteries, sometimes called zombie batteries – which could all cause a fire if they’re crushed in a lorry.

This hoard of Zombie Batteries are causing chaos in waste management and recycling facilities, causing explosions and fires which can endanger lives.

The only way to prevent fires like this and keep crews safe is to never put electricals in the bin or in your regular recycling. Recycle them separately instead.

There are many places around the UK to drop off your electricals and make sure they’re recycled safely.

Visit Recycle your electricals for more information.

Don’t bin them, recycle your old electricals ♻️

New research conducted by Recycle Your Electricals amongst local authorities across the UK has identified that over 600 fires in waste trucks and sites are caused by batteries that haven’t been removed from electricals.

Any rechargeable item, including your old electric toothbrush has a battery hidden within. It should always be recycled separately from your other household waste and recycling.

Help protect our waste workers and never throw electricals in the bin – always think #Reuse first and if it cant be repaired, please recycle.

Small electrical items

Take your items to your local recycling centre or book a free collection through TRAID.
Visit TRAID free home collections for more information.

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