GoodGym in Ealing

Ealing GoodGym helps you get fit by doing good.

If you want to get fit plus do good in your community then GoodGym is for you. Or if you are an organisation looking for people to help with a task, then GoodGym can help.

GoodGym a group of runners, walkers, and cyclists who combine regular exercise with helping in the community.

At Ealing Goodgym tasks can be anything from hanging curtains for Mr H because he can’t manage it on his own, to shovelling a tonne of compost for the Food Growers Group so they can grow vegetables – every GoodGym session is different.

GoodGym do this by:

  • Community Missions: Run, walk or cycle to help with community projects with practical tasks
  • Group runs: Run in groups to do physical tasks for community organisations
  • Mission Runs: One off tasks for older people that they can no longer do alone, such as changing a lightbulb or clearing a garden
  • Coach Runs: Run, walk or cycle to make social visits to isolated older people we call coaches as they motivate us to keep going.

Sign up with Goodgym and get involved with all their great missions and runs

Goodgym Ealing help at a park

Does your organisation have something for GoodGym to do?

GoodGym volunteers love to help out community organisations and charities in their local area. They run to provide free volunteering time for tasks which benefit where they live.

To request a task, register it here:

If you are part of an organisation that supports older people you can request support for practical tasks. Contact and one of our team can assist you.

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