Get your tools sharpened

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is what we all need to do for the planet and can save some money doing it.

Sharpening kitchen and garden tools used to be common but it’s not something we think to do these days. Luckily for us in the Acton and Ealing area we have Renew Sharpening which can sharpen most tools.

Why buy new, when you can renew?

Renew Sharpening to sharpen your kitchen and garden tools.

Dave at Renew Sharpening offers a free local collection and delivery by prior appointment in W3 and W4, or drop-off with parking available. Book 24 hrs in advance.

He is fully insured and can cater for all of your sharpening needs, utilising the very latest machines.

Most tools can be sharpened, such as knives, scissors, garden tools, woodworking tools and construction tools.

To find out more and book your slot go to

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