Ealing Cycling Campaign Leisurely Ride – Sunday 4th June 2023

Join Ealing Cycling Campaign for a leisurely ride through London’s parks and trails to visit the fascinating RAF museum.

This is an interesting ride through the northern part of the Brent River Park, passing by Wembley Stadium and the Welsh Harp Reservoir up to the RAF Museum in Hendon.

At the Museum, you can enjoy free admission to a major collection of material relating to aviation history and the contributions of the RAF in both First and Second World Wars.

After having lunch (either in the museum café or bring your own picnic) and visiting the museum, you can expect to return to Ealing via the parks and suburbs of Barnet & Brent.

Please note that this ride includes some off-road sections on unsealed paths, so it may be unsuitable or uncomfortable for road bikes with narrow tyres.

Event details

  • Date: Sunday 4th June 2023
  • Time: 9:45am-4:30pm
  • Meeting location: Ealing Town Hall, New Broadway, London W5 2BY

To register for the event, please book here.

For any queries, please contact rides@ealingcycling.org.uk.

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  1. I’m not a cyclist but if I were and thought I’d like to take part in this, I would be very disappointed in learning that the event happened YESTERDAY. In my experience with Act for Ealing regular posts, this is simply one of several events you ‘advertise’ after they’ve happened! What’s the point??

    1. Hi Sue, thank you for the feedback. Details of the event were originally posted on our website news page on 25th May for the event talking place on 4 June 2023. Our weekly mailer however does a round up of the recent posts and forwards these by email, so by nature, might contain things that are slightly out of date by the time the email goes out. That’s fine for when the post is a report of something that has happened, but not so good if the post advertises an event that has already happened. The solution to this would be for us is earlier posting, so that both the post and the mailer pre-date the event of course, but it isn’t always possible for us to do that. I’ll pass the feedback on at our next steering meeting to so if we can work on that. Best wishes, Nick

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