Acton Community groups join forces to tackle air pollution

Ealing Friends of the Earth collaborated with Churchfield Community Association and Friends of Friars Gardens to tackle the constant distressing issue of engine idling at Acton Central level crossing last weekend, Saturday 10 June 2023. When community groups come together they make more impact when they join forces.

Would you idle your engine knowing it can stunt young lungs?

Idling engines, which is leaving engines running while stationary, seriously harms people’s health. By leaving engines running while stationary is an unnecessary source of air pollution. It is also illegal. Find out more Engine off, every stop.

Vehicle fumes at the Acton Central level crossing have long been a problem. In the past the Churchfield Community Association campaigned hard for flashing signs that have largely been ignored. Traffic is often backed up on either side of the track for over three minutes, so pollution has become very worrying to parents who cross here with children on their way to Acton Park or school.

Particulate matter on the day of the anti-idling demo was at a shockingly high level of between 25 and 30 PMs (readings should not exceed 5).

It’s not often rallying protestors urge quiet, but the participants of this demo did just that. Representatives from the three community groups pointed to existing signs, handed out leaflets and rewarded those who complied with sweets.

They were joined by local MP Rupa Huq and Councillor Kate Crawford, who pledged to highlight the issue of idling, an offence that is on LBEaling’s agenda to solve and are part of London Idling Action, with more coming with the air quality action plan.

At Acton Central almost all drivers were happy to co-operate and turned off their engine once they understood the reason.

Read more at Switching off air pollution.

Groups involved in the campaign were:

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