Acton join forces to tackle air pollution

On Tuesday Oct 31 from 3.20pm – 5.00pm, three community groups Friends of the Earth, Churchfield Community Association and Friends of Friars Gardens are holding an car anti-idling demo at Acton Central level crossing.

Hallowe’en is a horror we can all enjoy, but lung damage from polluting vehicles is life threatening.

Signs asking drivers to switch off their engines and also handing out Friends of the Earth (FOE) leaflets about the hazards of keeping your car running (idling cars).

The demo is timed to coincide with the end of the primary school day as many parents and their children are subjected to air pollution as they wait at the crossing.

Please do join us (kids welcome) if you’d like to help give out leaflets or just lend moral support. Feel free to come in costume!

At the event people will not stand in the road except when the barriers are down.

In the event of rain (unless very light rain), the demo will be rescheduled. This action is a repeat of a successful demo held in June by the same residents and will be held again in the spring of 2024.

Email Juliet at for more information.

Would you idle your engine knowing it can stunt young lungs?

Idling engines, which is leaving engines running while stationary, seriously harms people’s health. By leaving engines running while stationary is an unnecessary source of air pollution. It is also illegal. Find out more Engine off, every stop.

Vehicle fumes at the Acton Central level crossing have long been a problem. There are flashing signs reminding to switch engines off that have largely been ignored.

Cars are often backed up on either side of the Acton railway crossing sometimes for over three minutes, so air pollution has become very worrying to parents who cross here with children on their way to Acton Park or school.

Car idling is an offence and Ealing council has signed up to London Idling Action and the air quality action plan.

Read more at Switching off air pollution.

Groups involved in the campaign were:

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