Beavers are back in Ealing

Ealing Wildlife Group have re-introduced a family of beavers to Greenford.

They were granted a license from Natural England to reintroduce Eurasian Beavers to Ealing in a controlled enclosure at Paradise Fields, Greenford.

This is a joint project between Ealing Wildlife Group (EWG), Ealing Council, Citizen Zoo and Friends of Horsenden Hill, supported by experts at the Beaver Trust and part-funded by the Mayor of London’s Rewild London 2 Fund.

The hope is to show that Beavers can live in urban landscapes, can improve biodiversity and mitigate flood risk in urban river catchments. Also that we can learn to live alongside them again with a few management practices ready and in place. Ealing Wildlife Group also want to demonstrate that living alongside nature is really important especially in diverse, urban communities where access to nature may be more difficult.

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