Ealing Mum2mum – Buy and sell pre-loved items! SATURDAY, 11 DECEMBER 2021 FROM 10:30-12:30

An indoor market at Kingsdown Methodist Church with over 15 stalls of top quality nearly new baby and children’s items. Sell your pre-loved items with us and keep 100% of your profit!

Did you know that a baby can generate an average of 58.6 tons of CO2-equivalent emissions in one year?  The products that a baby requires can have a serious impact on the environment.

For now, here’s more insight into the environmental impact of a baby:  

  • A baby uses about 2,500 diapers and around 3,000 baby wipes in a single year. It takes the average diaper 500 years to fully decompose, and a baby wipe takes 100 years to decompose. 
  • Baby food pouches are typically not recyclable and can take hundreds of years to decompose.
  • More than 20 billion pounds of clothing is thrown away every year. Much of this waste is children’s clothing, as they grow out of garments so quickly. The clothing that ends up in landfills (which is most of it) contributes to the release of greenhouse gases and can leach toxins into the soil and water supply. The same is true for the baby gear that’s thrown out when it’s no longer needed. 
  • The single-use plastic containers that many baby care products come in contribute to the more than 120 billion units of packaging (produced globally) from the beauty industry. Most of this packaging winds up in landfills, where it will remain forever. 

Taken from (Parent Map 2021). Read more here!

How can support this event prevent that?

Contributing the circular economy by attending second-hand events such as this or shopping at charity shops prevents valuable materials (which are 99% of the time in good nick) from going to the landfill. So get involved and tell us what goodies you find!

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