London Repair week

🧵 Repair Week 2023 is taking place 20th-26th March! Lots of events happening around London including events in Ealing and online events to learn all the skills to fix your stuff. 🔧 Replacing stuff is expensive. Join us this Repair Week to learn free fixing skills!

Whether it’s a pair of children’s jeans that need mending or a bike puncture, Repair Week has got you covered. 👨‍🔧 With over 60 events listed and more being added, visit London Repair Week and get signed up for a workshop near you or online.

67% of Londoners would like to learn to repair something to save money

Ealing Repair cafe are running events around Ealing, below. Plus there are daily online events from Repair what you wear sessions that you can register for.

  • Monday 20 March: Patch Darn and Natter, Happy Coffee, 158 Northfield Avenue, Ealing W13 9SB. From 10 am to 12 noon. ** Sewing machine available for fixing seams and suitable mends. This is a private event at the café and we ask for a small donation of £3 to covers costs.
  • Thursday 23 March: Launch of Hammersmith Mending Circle, Livat Centre, Kings Street, Hammersmith. From 5.30 pm until 7.30 pm.
  • Saturday 25 March Sew and Mend at Restore, Churchfield Road, Acton. From 12.00-13.00.
  • Sunday 26 March Coffee and Online Clothes Mending Session. From 10am-12pm
  • Monday 27 March: Patch, Darn and NatterThe Ealing Project, 1 High Street, Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre, London W5 5DB. From 7.30 pm until 9 pm. We ask for a small donation of £3 to covers costs. ** Sewing machine available for fixing seams and suitable mends.

Ealing Repair Cafe has written up a guide on setting up a clothes repair group, to help other people around Ealing and London set up their own groups and get more people mending.

On average, Londoners have 4 items of textiles at home in need of repair

Repair Week is an annual celebration of repair throughout London where we invite you to gain repair skills, fall back in love with your stuff and help save some money and the planet while you’re at it!

Join in the fantastic programme of events, run by all sorts of organisations, including high-street brands, local authorities, charities and repair groups. Plus theres tips and tricks to help you repair your stuff. Repair Week is designed to give you the confidence to get repairing!

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