Library of things

Hammersmith Library of things is a place where you can borrow useful household items for DIY, cleaning, gardening, events, entertainment and more for a few pounds per day.

The Library of things is based in Hammersmith inside Livat Hammersmith, King Street, London W6 9HW. There is a kiosk of lockers which hold all the items which can be borrowed. Just go online book and collect your item. You can an borrow for a day or a week.

Most popular items to borrow are carpet cleaner, cordless drill, steam cleaner and projector

The Hammersmith Library of things is a social enterprise that encourages people to borrow than buy with a great and expanding collection of items.

How does it work?

  • Join and reserve: Browse the Things online and make a reservation to borrow.
  • Borrow and return it: Collect your Thing. Use it. Then return it when you’re done.
  • Track your impact: See how much waste you’ve saved from landfill by borrowing instead of buying.

Find out more at Hammersmith Library of Things

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