Explore Ealing’s many parks and green spaces this spring, with GoParksLondon

Green spaces provide us with many benefits, instilling a sense of well-being and providing us with space to relax and commune with nature. They support local wildlife like birds and butterflies, clean our air, and lower the temperatures of the surrounding environment, compared with built up pavements, walls and concrete.

According to GoParksLondon, Ealing has 209 green space and parks worth visiting. If you are tired of visiting the same local parks, why don’t you log on to GoParksLondon and try somewhere new. You can explore the area with an annotated interactive map, showing each individual park as a clickable item that when selected pulls up more information.

If you are responsible for a park or green space, or want to find out how you can support you local environment, you can also try GoParksLondon “join in” page here. There are lots of options including:

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