Sustainable fashion transforms Ealing Broadway

Last Sunday was a blast! We had artists, young people, families, teachers, shoppers and community groups all learning and creating around sustainable fashion, all thanks to Ealing Broadway.

We had kept the winning design top secret so it could be unleashed on the world in its full 5×1.8 meter glory! Finally, at 10am last Sunday, our winning mural designer arrived with a dozen friends to meet Paint Your Planet and ActForEaling to paint the design and create their very own street art with a mission.

After a brief pop quiz about the impact of the modern fashion industry, the young artists learned about large scale design and how art can teach and inspire change. Half the team kicked off with painting the mural, whilst the other half painted their very own canvases for a sustainable-fashion pupil exhibition at St Benedicts School. The energy of everyone involved was so exciting and positive that it drew shoppers in to learn what they were up to and why.

This previously overlooked corner of Ealing Broadway had never experienced so much attention. The teachers and families of the young artists arrived in full support of the transformation, whilst, Ealing Repair Cafe taught passerby tips on patching and repair whilst the ActforEaling Recycling Challenge tested locals their recycling expertise.

As you can see from the photos, it was a day of possibility and action – check out the Ealing Sewn Up Instagram page for more reels and snaps of the experience.

Imagine if all schools in Ealing hosted their own sustainable art exhibition or if more unloved walls shared such important messages. Creativity has such a vital role to play in communicating what a sustainable future could look like! After all a picture is worth a thousand words – so lets pick up our paint brushes Ealing!

If you are a school or a community with an unloved wall…watch this space to be the first to see our short film about the creation of Ealing’s first sustainable fashion mural – designed and painted by local young people.

Discover more about sustainable fashion, check out the amazing events and activities in Ealing and dive into a whole new approach to fashion!

You can check out the mural at Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre (St Saviour’s walk exit) W5 5JY.

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