Consultation on Ealing’s Air quality strategy

Ealing Council is carrying out a consultation on its air quality strategy and the air quality action plan. The strategy sets out the council’s vision for improving air quality in Ealing between 2022 and 2027. Online webinars are planned in January to encourage feedback.

Action is needed to ensure that Ealing meets legal limits for air pollution to prevent more people from suffering poor health or dying prematurely due to toxic air.

To respond to the consultation Ealing council has published the draft air quality strategy and the air quality action plan. Views on these documents can be given through a short online survey. This consultation is open between 5 December 2022 and 30 January 2023.

Ealing Transition on the air quality consultation comments “This consultation takes only a few minutes to complete.” Ealing Transition provides practical, local action on climate change, energy and food security.

“Mostly the survey asks you to indicate how you would score your level of interest and support for the specific proposals set out in the document. Also asks how easy the report and associated information is read.”

“There are two questions that ask for “any other comments” where you can enter free text and make specific proposals, and where we would encourage you to provide your feedback.” For more information from Ealing Transition on the consultation here.

Better Ealing Streets who campaigns to make our streets safer and easier to navigate by walking, cycling or wheeling. To help inform your response to this consultation Better Ealing Streets have a webpage on How to get cleaner air. Their How to get Better Ealing Streets page has suggestions to which could be included in the “Any other comments” section of the online survey.

Jemima Hartshorn from Mum’s for Lungs:

“Welcomes the proposals for Ealing’s Air Quality Strategy, and the advances this makes with regards to understanding and wanting to address the public health crisis of local air pollution.”

“However Mum’s for Lungs has significant concern that the strategy has no SMART targets, lacks accountability and clarity of what will actually have how much of an impact.”

For more details of Air Quality around London:

  • Mayor of London has a London air quality map which shows the locations of air quality monitoring stations and the areas covered by Google Street View cars fitted with mobile air quality sensors.
  • Breathe London also publishes results of their sensors around London of air quality on their website

Two online webinars are scheduled by Ealing Council to present the air quality strategy. Full details here

  1. Monday 9 January 2023, 6-7pm
  2. Thursday 12 January 2023, 6-7pm

Details on how to join these sessions is on their website under Ealing Council Air Quality Strategy.

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