Take part in the #BigGardenBirdWatch2023

Step 5 of ActForEaling’s 10 Steps for a Greener Ealing is all about supporting biodiversity and protecting local wildlife. What better way to pledge your commitment to a nature-positive Ealing than by joining the #BigGardenBirdWatch2023 this January.

What is the Bird Garden Birdwatch and why is it important?

Year upon year, more of our birds are being driven out of their natural habitat and into extinction. According to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), the UK has lost an astonishing 38 million birds over the last 50 years.

By taking part in the national Big Garden Birdwatch, you can help change this and protect our birds for the future.

Every person that takes part in the Big Garden Birdwatch can support the RSPB in its efforts to protect wildlife and the special places they live. The data that’s collected is then used to help track and monitor how UK birds are doing in the face of the twin climate and ecological crises.

How can I take part locally?

Fortunately, taking part couldn’t be easier and there’s plenty of ways that you can do so locally. All you need to do is count the birds you see land in your garden, balcony or local park between 27th – 29th January and share your sightings online.

Why not consider visiting one of Ealing’s local parks to see what birds you can spot? Or join a meet-up with a local wildlife group? Check out the work of our Community Gardens & Biodiversity partners to find out more.

RSPB have also put together some useful tips to help you get involved in all the action.  

We’d love to see your sightings over the weekend so don’t forget to tag us in your posts or give us a mention on Twitter and Facebook.

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