Hedgehogs need our help

Ealing Wildlife Group want to build Urban Hedgehog Highways around Northolt, Southall and Acton and looking for funding from individuals and organizations.

Why do hedgehogs need help?

London’s hedgehogs are in trouble, with the city’s population falling by nearly a third since 2000. We need to act fast to reverse this decline, but this can only be done with practical action.

The hope is to reverse this shocking decline and ensure Ealing’s hedgehogs can thrive by being connected to suitable habitat through the borough.

The project is crowdfunding through Spacehive to raise awareness & an educational campaign focused on practical hedgehog conservation in the Borough of Ealing.

A pilot project is running in Hanwell and Pitshanger. This crowdfunded project will extend this to Northolt, Southall and Acton to engage a wider community engagement to those who may not be as engaged with or have as much access to green spaces. Please help by backing the project on Spacehive.

The big issue this project does is to address the barriers to movement: more fences and busier roads make it harder for hedgehogs to hunt for food – and find a mate – while also making movement more dangerous.

By bringing local awareness and practical solutions to tackle this issue whilst engaging the community in practical support and how they can help wider wildlife conservation in their own gardens as well as community green spaces.

Find out more Build Hedgehog highways

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