Celebrate Fashion Revolution Week with films from Ealing Sewn Up

To celebrate Fashion Revolution Week and all the incredible organisations and volunteers who have been part of Ealing Sewn Up, ActForEaling is delighted to release its third and final sustainable fashion film, created by talented local film artist, Narvir Singh.

Ealing’s first sustainable fashion mural, designed and painted by Ealing’s young people

Ealing Sewn Up was a fabulous programme of events that delivered school workshops, a sustainable fashion show and a youth designed & painted mural. Everyone who was involved rediscovered a love for fashion that is creative, unique, sustainable and genuinely full of joy.

There is a movement building in West London that is connecting Ealing’s creators and makers. This growing community is now leading dozens of fabulous new activities and events including:

There are also schools organising their own clothes swaps, colleges planning more sustainable fashion shows, new creators hosting creative workshops and charity shops being rediscovered.

Ealing Sewn Up proved there is so much fun to be had in sustainable fashion, your challenge is to decide which new habit to adopt first!

Learn more about sustainable fashion by exploring Ealing Sewn Up.

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