Cleaning up the River Brent

CURB are a group of volunteer local residents taking action in Ealing to “Clean Up the River Brent”. CURB was founded by Ben Morris in October 2021 in response to a significant pollution incident on the Lower Brent, and is part of a growing movement to regenerate the UK’s badly degraded rivers.

Recently, Ben Morris and John Clifford appeared on Sky News – “The Climate show” with Tom Heap – to showcase a cost effective, solar powered sensor they have developed to monitor the pollution in the river. The sensor is now being rolled out in a number of locations thanks to additional funding from the Environment Agency. A link to the segment is available on YouTube here (4 minutes), while more information about the project is available here on CURB’s website.

CURB and the Brent River & Canal Society (BRCS) will be providing regular updates on this project as well as drawing attention to the wider issues of pollution along the River Brent. To find out more about CURB and get involved with the monitoring project or any of its other activities, please see the CURB page on the BRCS website.

From The Brent River Park website: “The Brent River Park is a strip of open space following a 7km curve of the River Brent as the river meanders west and then south through Perivale, Greenford, and Hanwell in the London Borough of Ealing”. More information available here.

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